Letter to America

What we face at present is perhaps the most crucial, the most dangerous, the most impactful moment of decision that our nation has ever encountered. While it is safer, in these high-pressure situations, to tune out, to disengage, to minimize and to deny, to do so now will only serve to expedite the dreadful end that we must fight with all of our minds, bodies and spirits to stave off. What we face at present is not business as usual; it is anything but. Truthfully, it is either the beginning or the end, the flight or the fall, the rebirth of our great nation or the swift death of her. I am only one man. There are thousands, if not millions of people throughout this nation much more qualified than I am to discuss such crucial matters. However, even with my limited social reach and impact, I cannot in good faith sit by in anxious anticipation without at least attempting to put these thoughts into words that will hopefully reach at least a few individuals. With that said, I must say that what we face now is not politics as usual; it is the most crucial moment of our lives. It is our last chance.

I can’t stand fear mongers, dramatics or overreaction. I am practical, calculating and level-headed. I don’t say what I say here as clickbait or a way to increase traffic to my site. I say it because I feel with every fiber of my being that we will rise or fall based upon the next actions that we take. We have two sides; polar opposites, with entirely different motives and entirely different loyalties. Some time ago I came to the realization that the concept of Democrats and Republicans was a complete and utter scam; meant only to divide our country, as with racial groups, feminism, chauvinism and all other extremisms. A society that is united is of great difficulty to mistreat and control. When united, lies are exposed and corruption is threatened. Because of this, our leaders, since the birth of this nation, have utilized every tool at their disposal to ensure that we remain divided into subgroups, thusly remaining defenseless against their corruption. There are no Democrats or Republicans. This was a myth created to once again divide us. In all honesty, there is only love and hate.

Those that hate are many; those that love are few. Those that hate are bought, sold and controlled; they have no values, no beliefs, no emotions nor conscience. They exist only to further their own agenda and to make as much money as possible in the process. There are two segments of this hateful group: the bodies and the brains. The bodies are empty shells; they feel nothing and stand for nothing. They are incapable of independent thought and know nothing of honor and loyalty. Their only purpose is to please their masters (the brains) by doing their bidding so that they may receive their treat (money, perceived power) in return. The bodies are the politicians, celebrities and media figures. The brains on the other hand, are rarely seen; they have no interest in public office or fame. While the bodies have no emotions or beliefs because they are helpless, empty shells, the brains lack these things because they are vile and void of all human feeling. Human life means nothing to them unless they can control it for their purposes. Their purposes are their own, and they seek control and domination of all sorts. These are the ones that direct the bodies. For they are so vile and so disgusting that if society were to lay eyes upon them, their evilness would be detected. So they use the bodies to deceive us, to distract us. We become infatuated with the bodies while the brains wreak havoc. The hateful bodies unite to ensure that their way of life is dominate. That is, unless Love wins first.

Love is not perfect; it is not always soft-spoken and nurturing. Sometimes love is loud, brazen and unrelenting, causing it to be confused with hate. But this is love, not hate. This is love that is so strong that it will not lie; it will give us truth, even if it hurts our pride. This is love that has no time for pleasantries or political correctness; it knows how urgent our situation is and is anxious to get to work. This is love that will be painful at times; at times we will feel exhausted, beaten down, incapable of enduring any more pain or sacrifice, incapable of sinking any lower. But in this, our weakest and lowest moment, love will begin to lift us, to rebuild us and to empower us. After tearing down the remains of hate, love will then rebuild for us a nation that is more united and greater than ever before. Love is not empty, it is not hateful or apathetic, greedy or selfish; it puts the needs of its loved ones before its own. Love is the key to it all. For this purpose, it is represented by one Donald J. Trump.

What we have are two sides: one is a group that cares nothing about our country or way of life, the other, an imperfect, unconventional ball of fire that is ultimately filled with…love; love for our country, what we were and what we can be again. Those are our options. When all of the noise fades and rationality ensues, we are faced with either the beginning or the end. In these moments of rationality, we must consider with open minds what we have before us. We must not be lied to; we must not be fooled into believing that hate is actually love. We must not be fooled into believing that we should somehow be ashamed of our heritage and of our great nation. We should not be fooled into believing that acts such as unified world governments, open borders, irresponsible spending and creating a society of dependency is in fact love. IT IS NOT. In fact, it is meant to collapse our great nation, to take us from being the light shining throughout the world and to reduce us to complete and utter darkness. What we face will be difficult, what Donald Trump faces is even more so. At present he is facing an entire army of puppets and puppet masters- media and world powers- that are rolling out everything at their disposal to stop him; bias, lies, protest, manufactured scandals and even, possibly, stealing elections to minimize his impact. Let me be clear, there are only two sides in this fight: those who love America and those who love greed, power, globalism and, ultimately, the fall of America. Sounds a bit dramatic doesn’t it? The fall of America? Consider this; racial, social, financial and gender divide, debt, devaluation of our currency with the printing of worthless money that has no assets to back it, a military more depleted than it has been in decades while we are simultaneously facing a more hostile world than we have faced in decades, policies that eliminate jobs and cost our country money both in trade and here at home, a severe dependence on handouts, decreased work ethic, decreased values, decreased patriotism, decreased sense of service, decreased ownership of homes and land by private citizens and decreasing gun rights. This was our outlook 2 years ago. We have progressed, however it can easily be erased by the other side. One by one every liberty and even every responsibility will be removed from us, making us completely dependent and helpless. We are already near the edge and the left would love to finish the job. We must not allow this to happen. We must fight; we must support President Trump, the man that is not controlled but is interested only in building up America. As in most examples in history, the leader, the one to deliver the people from destruction, is not what would be expected. The prophets, uniters and leaders throughout history have been initially rejected violently for not fitting the mold and daring to buck the accepted system. All of them eventually accomplished the task for in which they were sent. I am not saying that Donald Trump is a prophet. In an earlier article I stated that I would not necessarily go as far as to call him a savior. But, what if, in a way, he is? What if this is the person, the last chance for our country? What if, despite all his quirks and ego he is the one that was chosen by some force to present us with one final opportunity to right the ship? I am personally a Christian. I don’t intend on giving a sermon here as I respect that not everyone shares my beliefs. But I can’t help but think of every prophet of the Bible being rejected in his homeland, of God choosing the most unlikely individuals to accomplish great things. So often we beg for a solution or a way out of a hardship and are presented with it; but we don’t notice it because when we asked for help, we already had in our minds what that help was supposed to look like. Because of this, we don’t recognize the help that is right in front of us. I fear that we will do this now. I fear that we will look past the help because it doesn’t look or sound like we envisioned; thus we will fall. I encourage everyone to tune out all suggestion and to sit in silence and consider the truth. The truth can’t be denied; it slaps you in the face so that you recognize it. The only requirement is that you tune out the lies and bias and focus on it.


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